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There are various services I offer , explained here below :
An estate sale: Is usually the selling off of the contents or partial contents of a home.
I do the following :
- Clean and price all items at fair market value,
- Stage the house to look inviting,
- Use professional signs for directions to the sale and remove them immediately after,
- Place ads in the local newspapers and on my website,
- Provide a final accounting to the family,
- Handle removal of all unsold goods and leave home in a broom clean condition.

A buyout: Is when you want to sell one item or an entire house full.  I will come over and photograph your items and then present you with a figure for the items and a date as to when you could expect the items to be removed from the premises.

A clean out: Could be for a garage full or a house full of unsalable items which you just want cleaned out.  I would look at the job and then present you with a figure for the removal.  A dumpster is needed in most cases and I would take care of that also.  I would also give you a date as to when the job would be left "broom clean".

An appraisal: My appraisals are done on an hourly basis for one or two items or an estimated amount to appraise an entire house, sometimes probate courts need an appraisal of the contents to settle an estate which I would do.
The appraisal is a "fair market appraisal", which is the current market price of an item, not what you necessarily paid for the item.